Ananda Tjakra Adisurja

M.S. Alumni

Ananda is an M.S. alumni from Columbia University. He received his Bachelor of Engineering from The University of Indonesia (Indonesia) in 2021, focusing on AI-based control systems. He worked as a project manager for BTS construction in rural areas of Indonesia (2021) overseeing over 430 towers across 2 islands. He then worked for Ernst & Young (EY) as a Technology Consultant in Digital and Emerging Technologies (2021-2022) where he specialized in industrial automation and IT/OT integration.

He is worked at MPLab, researching permanent magnet motors (PMSM) flux maps and controls using dSPACE Real-Time Systems. His research interests include motor drive controls, inverter technologies, grid modeling and simulation, smart grids & renewable integrations, and energy economics & policies.