At MPlab we research power electronics, battery management systems, and motor control for electric vehicle and grid applications. Our work covers hardware design, software development, and experimental validation.


November 08, 2022

Electric cars won't just solve tailpipe emissions

As the US speeds toward a future filled with electric vehicles, it's reasonable to wonder how much more demand the power grid can take. After all, during a recent heatwave, California's grid operator urged customers to limit charging their cars to avoid blackouts. However, energy and transportation experts say that with some planning, utilities are fully capable of handling more clean cars plugging in. Better yet, electric SUVs, trucks, and buses can strengthen the grid if deployed smartly. 

November 08, 2022

Electric cars won't overload the power grid

Battery-powered Teslas, Fords, and Volkswagens aren't about to overwhelm the US electrical grid, despite what Tucker Carlson and some Republican politicians say. Last month, electric-vehicle skeptics had a field day when California's utility urged customers to conserve power during a scorching heat wave by not charging their cars during certain hours. Some conservatives questioned how the state expected to ban sales of combustion-engine cars by 2035 if it couldn't handle the number of EVs on the road today.